Monday, February 23, 2009

Feb 15-22 in Review

Let's try this method... here are a few articles I ran across last week that I thought were worth commenting on:

I ran across this graph from this article, and there were two things that really surprised me. First is of those who categorize themselves as Jewish, 77% agree evolution is the best explanation of the origin of human life. I guess it just goes to show that I don't know much about the current beliefs of this religion. The second is that no group topped 81%, meaning that every religious category (including unaffiliated) has a fifth (or more) of its members that don't see evolution as the best explanation.

The other article (via Slashdot) talks about a drug capable of removing the anxiety from remembering stressful (e.g., PTSD) memories. While it's a little scary to think this may be the first step in dealing with all emotional hurt through chemicals, it's exciting to see medicine come out that may allow people to confront their past without the anxiety and fear that those memories usually carry with them.


Anonymous said...

Uniquely interesting blog you have here; those that enrich the blogosphere are a rare find.

Linda said...

It is interesting that evolution is still debatable as ever.